Thrupenny Bits is a stylish, highly portable breastfeeding cushion or pillow devised by mother of two Melissa Wyatt-Fosbury

When I had my first child breastfeeding was not something that came easily, mainly I struggled with positioning and latch. When eventually someone suggested I try a breastfeeding pillow, feeding my son became much easier. However the breastfeeding pillow I was using at the time was too big to be portable, baby kept disappearing down the gap when the cushion slipped off my lap and it was severely lacking on the style front. This was when I was inspired to create something better that suited my own needs.

An added bonus I stumbled upon during the early production stages was that those in the Ultimate and classic ranges could easily be converted to a bag for continued use, I still use mine today as a bag when I’m out with the kids. 

So just after having my second son Thrupenny Bits Ltd was born. Prior to that I was working as a free-lance TV script supervisor and A.D. and still do. Working from home in and around 2 small boys hasn't been easy, but as Thrupenny Bits has grown so have my boys and not having to leave the house for work 10 hours a day means I've been around for them and still been able to earn a much needed income.

What is the Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding cushion & pillow

Inside the outer bag theres a removable crescent shaped inner cushion filled with  high grade Hollow fibre polypropylene which is fire retardant and hypoallergenic. With a strap that ties at the top, it can be carried over your shoulder like a bag, or hung over the handles of a pram. In short it looks more like a fashionable bag or cushion giving you the freedom to breastfeed anywhere... Arguably the best breastfeeding cushion around it is made from beautiful soft-to-the-touch fabrics that would not look out of place amongst your scatter cushions on your sofa or bed. As you'll be able to see from the pictures of my son Aaron on the product pages, because of the shape, this breastfeeding cushion makes a great support for a reclining or sitting baby and the fabrics used should blend in with any tasteful decor! I also take mine on holiday as they work brilliantly as a travel pillow for the kids on long car or plane journey's and for me on the beach as a head rest for reading!

When you've just had a baby you don't always feel the most glamorous and don't necessarily feel like buying clothes. With these you can actually feel like you''ve got something gorgeous for you which just so happens to be enormously practical! When you and your baby have decided to stop breastfeeding for good,  you can simply take out the inner sack and voila - you have a lovely bag to carry all your baby paraphernalia around in. Of course until the next one comes along in which case re-insert the inner cushion and away you go.

Why do you need Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillow & cushion?

With these Ultimate breastfeeding pillows in order to make them the best breastfeeding pillow available I've addressed four issues which in my opinion are lacking in others available:

  1. Portability
    Once you find that breastfeeding is SO much easier to do using a breastfeeding pillow you'll want to carry yours around with you everywhere when out with your baby. These look and carry like a bag unlike other cumbersome and ugly alternatives.
  2. Attractiveness
    The fabrics used are practical but chosen with the Yummy Mummy in mind and not the baby.
  3. Slippage
    Something I always found really annoying was that most breastfeeding pillows would slip down, meaning that your baby would end up sliding off your lap or down the gap. These tie on so you'll have none of that.
  4. Lifespan/Versatility
    This is not just a product that you'll only use for the duration of your breastfeeding, it makes a great cushion for when your baby is just lying down (see the picture) and for when he or she starts sitting and needs some extra security (see the shots in my cute cord range) AND unlike any other breastfeeding pillow remove the inner cresent shaped pillow and you have a great toddler bag to carry on using, totally washable and with adjustable straps it can be carried in a variety of ways, when I'm out with my boys I have mine hanging across my body leaving my hands free to lift them onto climbing frames, swings etc. or even just to hold hands!

...and just in case you're wondering why on earth we are called 'Thrupenny Bits', here's a clue; it's cockney rhyming slang, rhymes with...I'm hot giving you any more clues!